If you want to make your mark, you’re welcome to join forces with the many selfless Red Rocks volunteers who are an inspiration to us and who bring tremendous positive change to our community every day!

The volunteer positions we are able to offer at present are:

Guest Volunteer
If you’d like to test the waters before committing to Red Rocks Rwanda, you’re welcome to check in as a paying guest at our hostel or call on us as a day visitor, and try your hand at the various jobs we have available.

Core Volunteer
For those of you who are able to volunteer 4 hours of their time every day for 5 days a week, we are ready to offer meal and accommodation discounts. They are proportional to the period of time you’re willing to commit to us, and they’re the same as the rates we charge our staff.

Specialist Volunteer
We encourage people who are able to put in a minimum of 40 hours of work per week in their area of expertise or who have in-depth knowledge of the local culture to contact us. We offer room and board at very reasonable prices.

Online Volunteer
We welcome anyone with experience in online marketing, web development, graphic design or social media to get in touch with us. We would be thrilled to welcome you to the team!

We aim to be flexible in our provision of volunteer tasks and jobs, and we welcome new ideas. However, we like to take a long-term approach, and the need for sustainability must reflect in any project we accept. Here is a list of jobs we would like to offer as a suggestion, by field:

  • Multimedia: video recording and editing, music production, photography training, teaching music, creating Rwanda tourism video;
  • Marketing: organizing events, meeting associates, training, distributing flyers, social media content editing, promoting ecotourism, managing tourist information campaign, promoting us on tourism websites;
  • Education: organizing workshops and extracurricular activities, carrying out physical activities, cultivating a love of reading, offering career guidance;
  • Administrative: staff training, budgeting, planning, product research, setting up micro finance for community members, managing a volunteer database;
  • Creative: landscape design, interior design, writing cook book, running yoga classes;
  • Technical: building water purifier, improving composting techniques, designing new facilities.

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