“Where Cultural Tourism  Leads To  Community Development”


The tour involves working on farmlands within the villages. It is an educational and fun experience for visitors. Locals will provide a unique adventure as well as providing more about the history, customs, and culture of Rwandan’s farms. The tour helps to protect the environment and bring tangible benefits to the community,  come and experience farm to table dining experience at the same time appreciating nature and need to protect it.


Local Women will demonstrate all aspects of local banana beer production. Traditional Rwandan liked their beer, made naturally from, of course,  nature. It’s not potent, that’s banana beer mostly was used for social interaction. You will learn how we used to make this “friendly”  banana beer, by participating in the production process, which involves stone grinding millet to produce flour which is used in the fermentation process, if you wish you may have a chance to taste.


Local women will teach and demonstrate how the baskets are weaved. Basket weaving has been a part of Rwanda’s culture from a long time ago. Baskets were weaved to facilitate carrying food, to transport goods, etc. You will weave your own and know the techniques used to make the baskets.


Visit our traditional beehives and be introduced to herbs and plants that help cure different ailments, these plants depend on bees or other insects as pollinators. Learn how local honey is processed and understand the vital role of bees within the environment and promoting awareness of sustainable beekeeping.


Homestay experience provides guests with a unique opportunity to stay with host families in rural Nyakinama village. Homestay host provides accommodation facilities, hospitality, and personal service. You will get a deeper insight of the traditional Rwandan welfare and experience the authentic Rwandese lifestyle, You will not only meet the local people .. You will get to live with them too, and learn more about our language and history.


You will be taught how to cook local food thus encouraging cultural awareness. This initiative creates the opportunity to provide invaluable food literacy to tourists and locals respectively. More than nutrition home cooking celebrates culture, history, family and community.


Working side by side with the local community, visitors are provided with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional Rwandese methods of ceramic production.  Pottery is more than an activity, it is a way of expressing our cultural values and telling our story through imagination, creativity, and skill. The beauty of the end product shows who we are and give an insight into our past and cultural values, be ready to get your hands dirty.


Locals demonstrate to visiting tourists how solid waste from banana fibres can be used to produce handmade paper, which helps to conserve our natural environment. Papers from banana fibres are useful for soft usage like tissues, wipes, tracing papers, etc.


Dancing & Drumming emphasizes our traditional and cultural norms; An exhilarating performance by our traditional dance troupe, the Intore dancers make live our cultural history which is incorporated with activities like free kids paintings and art exhibitions by our talented local artists.


This immersive art tour of Red Rocks Arts studio is a full-day tour that can be tailor-made to your artistic interests.    Whether you want to visit an established art gallery or off-the-beaten-track art studio, you’ll discover how art has become the universal language in supporting the efforts of conserving the iconic mountain gorillas.  Our art studio encourages exchanges with other artists and art initiatives and strengthening local artists’ capacities, and professionalizing the practice.

We welcome you to join them and make your own arts or simply hear their success stories of using arts as a mode of enhancing conservation of the natural environment and animals which could not speak for themselves, make your own arts and take home as a souvenir.




One of the best ways to get a true sense of Rwanda’s authentic culture is by heading to the local markets. Our visit to King’s ware market fully immerse you into the culture of the Rwandese people through language and food, and also you will find the most unique souvenirs to take back home. After all, there’s no better way to experience the culture and community of Rwanda than at a busy local market!  A place to shop, merge, taste, argain, and indulge with locals and be ready for full-local adventure.


This is a project where our guests get involved, in helping Single  Parents and vulnerable families in Nyakinama village in building low-cost houses. The project creates great interaction between visitors and the community and supports the economic status of the community members. We get the land or ask it from the Town council then volunteers or other well-wishers come in and construct the house for them with the help of the other locals, in this case, we promote unity and togetherness in the community and also for the visitors.

This way a visitor makes a tangible difference in the community and their names are remembered because they are actually signed on the house, which is built. The houses provide a stable, loving and safe environment to live in.


Igitaramo Nights are specifically during weekends. This is a special celebration emphasizing our traditional and cultural norms; from cooking,    agricultural practices and traditional leadership.  The highlight of Igitaramo Night is the exhilarating performance by the traditional dance troupe, the    Intore dancers. But of course, we have incorporated other activities like free kids paintings and art exhibitions by our talented local artists.


Red Rocks camping ground under the summer moon is just amazing sight on its own. A Full Moon BBQ.      Moonlight   Camping, BBQ and full Bush Dinner at Red Rocks campsite is a thrilling and unique adventure packed with so much laughter and fun.


Here’s a fun-filled weekend away to enjoy with your loved ones. A campsite is an ideal place for family, couples, and groups. It has trees. It’s a perfect weekend escape for everyone who wants to enjoy nature at its pristine. Guests enjoy live paintings at their pleasure!


Experience magnificent views of the volcanoes and adjacent villages. This is a three hours tour as you start from Red Rocks Campsite, cycle towards the villages; see daily chores of the Rwandans, optional stops to market to have the taste of fruits and meet interact with the local population.


Walk from village to village with your own private guide, undiscovered Nyakinama thrilling walking, welcoming communities, and amazing hilly landscapes.


This starts from Red Rocks Campsite then drive for 25 minutes to the lakes region, start a walk of like one hour and a half around the communities village of that region, experiencing their livelihood and having incredible views of the volcanoes and the lakes.