Red Rocks Community Events

Red Rocks Cultural Center has embarked on a long-term approach to bring the community living around the Volcanoes National Parks together. Red Rocks Community Events, among more others, will feature food events, banana beer production events, cultural festivals like music and dancing, community art events and sharing Rwanda folklore by the fireside.
The key aim of Red Rocks Community Events is to bring different communities together as we share our vision on how we can conserve nature around the Volcanoes National Parks. The monthly events target conservation groups and various conservation stakeholders. The events also provide the attendees the opportunity to share their insights about conservation, exchange ideas, network while at the same time learn how shared resources can efficiently be shared.Red Rocks Community Events strive to find fun and collaborative activities that help travelers and visitors to spend ample time together where cultural synthesis is also our main objective, where each culture can learn from the other. The gatherings are going to help us create sustainable socio-economic impact within the local community, while at the same time help us in minimising negative impacts tourism activities around the Volcanoes National Park might stymy our cultural heritage.